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Divya Music

Divya Music is a professionally managed global organization dedicated to the promotion and development of performing arts - music and dance. The education division at Divya music offers the regular and online, education and training in vocal music, instrumental music and dance. Divya Music is being headed and managed by a group of highly experienced, qualified, senior teachers, Indian Music & Dance Gurus, artists - music & dance performers and the education management professionals.

Vocal music education team, instrumental music training team and the dance training education team at Divya Music has more than 15 years of individual experience in composing, performing and training of Indian classical / Folk / Western Vocal music, instrumental music and global dance styles.

Divya Music offers

Online Music / Dance Classes
Vocal Music
Indian Classical Dance Classes
Western Dance Classes
Home Lessons Music / Dance
Theater drama classes
all indian musical instruments classes
learn to play piano, guitar, flute, sitar, violin etc.
Skype music & dance classes.
Youtube free music.
management support.

Divya Music.in provides all the information on the online music & dance courses conducted by Divya Music school and Divya school of Dance in India. Divya music and dance academy offers short duration certificate level courses for learning classical and Light classical vocal singing online voice training music courses for learning to sing online instrumental music courses for learining to play musical instruments - Indian instruments Global instruments and online Dance courses for learning dance styles - Indian classical, folk, popular dancing and western modern dance forms.

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